Thyme Restaurant & Bar

Wine. Dine. Relax. 

If you want a place to escape after a long day at work or you're just looking for a place to be refreshed and re-energized then Thyme is your place. Our herbs, veggies and fruits are grown locally, we enjoy reminding our customer that our food was made here in Bermuda and is fresh and seasonal for all to enjoy. Our plan is to always surprise our customers, with plans to have monthly menus and daily specials to keep locals intrigued with what we can produce in our kitchen.


Take a sneek peek...

Thyme is located in the heart of Fritholme Gardens inside "The Club", an area designated for Fritholme residents and locals alike. 
Thyme enjoys wine and finds the best selection to cater for their customers pallets. 

How to find us?

Located in the heart of Fritholme Gardens, Thyme has an atmosphere that can capture anyone's love for food. We are located if travelling along Middle Road we are at the very top of Cataract Hill, first entrance past the Bermuda College (if travelling West) or the next entrance past Parquet (if travelling East).