The Club Yoga Centre at Elbow Beach 

Yoga Class  Schedule

To register for classes and for all other enquiries, contact individual teachers directly


Please inform the yoga teacher if you have any injuries or medical issues.

Classes will be 8 weeks except for Sunday (9 weeks) and Introductory (4 weeks) - Public Holiday (7 weeks)  

              Yoga Class Fees       7 Weeks   8 weeks        9 weeks      Drop In       4 week

                                                                                                                                                                                              Introductory (January or February) 

                        1 Hour                                     $200                                        $30           $100

   1.5 Hours               $210         $240           $270                    $35

    2 Hours                                    $320                                        $45

To register for classes and/or privates - contact by email at  

The Club Yoga Centre at Elbow Beach

1 Cataract Hill West, Paget   441-236-8275


All students welcome!

Yoga increases strength, flexibility, stamina, and focus. Through careful consideration of sequencing, correct alignment, and the use of props when needed, the Iyengar method makes the practice of yoga accessible to students of all ages and abilities.

Non-Iyengar students are welcome to join classes at any time. As all yoga methods are taught in a distinctive way it may be difficult to accurately assess an appropriate level and might require a bit of trial and error, so feel feel free to come and try!

Private Sessions

Private classes are available for specific injuries, structural and joint difficulties, or individualized instruction.

Class Descriptions


This Iyengar Yoga Introductory Course is designed to introduce the basics of Iyengar Yoga to students who are new to Iyengar Yoga.  The course is 4 weeks or 8 weeks, and restarts the first week of each month.  The Introductory classes are suggested as preparation for Level 1 classes and might also be good for people who would like to refresh their basic skills. No previous experience is necessary. Having an inflexible body or minor aches and pains is not an issue.


These classes involve refinement of basic poses, with an emphasis on standing, seated and beginning inversions.  They are suitable for students with any prior yoga experience.


This class is for students with a minimum of 6 months at Level 1.  Classes involve expanded study of poses with an increase of inversions and backward extensions. The Level 2 classes are 2 hour classes.


Both Level 1 & 2 students can sign up for this class.


This class is designed for those who need a more gentle and slower paced class due to limitations of age, injuries or chronic pain. It is not a medical class as you will be challenged, but more time will be given to move between the poses and for restorative work at the end of class.


This class is for children between 7-11 yrs old. Classes will be challenging and fun and will also include a period of quiet relaxation. This class is limited to 10 children so early registration is required.


This exciting New Year’s first Special Topics course will study ‘Yoga Therapy for Pain, Stiffness and Injuries'. 

Each week we will focus on a different areas of the body; shoulders, back, legs, knees, hips, arms/hands/wrists, spine, abdomen/stomach. 

Come along and discover postures, sequences and new ways of working with your body & mind in this special eight weeks course. 

A New Year, A New Decade, A New You. Work towards living your best life pain free. Sign up now.


Please be prepared to pay prior to class. Electronic transfers and cash are both accepted though change cannot be provided.

Please make all bank payments to:


EB Properties Limited                                                                                                
A/C# 20-006--060-808667-100                                                                                    
Butterfield Bank                                                                                                          

(Bermuda Dollars)                                                                                                       


  • Please arrive on time for class. If you are late and you can hear chanting, please wait outside until it has finished

  • Shorts or fitted tights and a full-length t-shirt are required.

  • Please turn OFF all cell phones & electronic devices, and let the teacher know if you are on call and need to have access to your phone.

  • All equipment is supplied and maintained by The Club Yoga Centre.